In an ever more sophisticated era, people are more attuned to audio-visual communication. When people see a video, the message comes across clearer and remains fixed in their memory because people remember things that have been seen and demonstrated.

A simple way to maximize the effectiveness of your message is to make a video of it.


For video production, Collaborations in Communications is self sufficient up through the on-line edit. Advantageous for our clients in many ways, in-house capabilities include:

Complete remote broadcast Betacam production equipment:

* 2 Ikegami broadcast cameras with Sony Betacam recorders

* Lighting packages

* Audio equipment

Editing Capabilities:

* 5 Sony Betacam recorders (2 with slo-mo)

* Computerized time-code Editing

* Abekas DVE

* Prodigy production switcher

* Matrox/Inscriber character generator

* Audio mixing & DAT recorder

* Betacam to U-Matic or VHS time-code window copies

* Lots of wiring




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Video can be the right solution for many of your communication needs such as:

* training & awareness programs

* team building

* motivational messages

* newsletters

* employee relations

* public relations

* promotions & sales campaigns

* new product launches

* training

* motivational

* announcements to stockholders

* recruitment

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